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Study Guides by Reginald Miller

Advanced Chromatic Harmony (PDF)

Basic and Intermediate Harmony - Levels 9 and 10 (PDF)

Chromatic Harmony - ARCT (PDF)

ARCT Analysis (PDF)

Level 10 Harmony Formal Analysis (PDF)

Guidelines For Writing Cadenzas For Mozart Piano Concertos (PDF)

Ornamentation and Articulation in Baroque, Classical and Romantic Music (PDF)

Mozart Piano Concertos - A Short Guide (PDF)

Notes by Reginald Miller on his studies with Lyell Gustin

Lyell Gustin – Technic Classes (PDF)

Lyell Gustin – Notes on Pedagogy (PDF)



Canadian Music Competition

Yips Music Festival

York Region Music Celebration

North York Music Festival

Markham Music Festival

Unionville Music Academy


Euromusic Centre for Music Studies

Ontario Registered Music Teachers Association

Ontario Registered Music Teachers Association, Toronto Zone

Phoenix Conservatory of Music

Royal Conservatory of Music

Royal Conservatory of Music Certified Teacher Directory

Ontario Registered Music Teachers' Association

Canadian Music Festival Adjudicators' Association

Royal Conservatory of Music College of Examiners

Cheng Huang (416) 818-2319 / (905) 948-9116 (tuning)

Concert Pitch Piano Services (tuning)

Robert Lowry's Piano Experts (tuning)

Piano Tune Canada (tuning)

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